Creative Programmer is NOT a contradiction in terms.
why, programming is a creative, highly abstract and sophisticated endeavour, and creative/artistic activity is a sequence of decisions in time, more or less conscious.

Programmers seem to have all the power, but they are not using it well. at the same time, the very nature of Creativity is changing. computers are here to stay (possibly longer than Humans), their creative potential is enormous, but, few "Creators" know how to use it well. Photoshop has become synonymous with "creativity" but that's not what it is about.

Programmers and "Creators" are not connecting, that division probably originates in the traditional Left brain, Right brain educational channeling. the problem is that the Programmers are seen as dull soulless drones by Artists and Artists are just daft and lazy tossers, as seen by Programmers... there is some truth in that.
but -- lets not dwell on it -- lets change it!

i am creative and i am a programmer, there must be more of me out there.
lets join up and see what we can do! - it could be very interesting...

the world needs us :-)
now seeking CellMates for this site..